Our Story

Once upon a time in a place called Essex there lived two sisters, Georgia May and Lydia Rose. Growing up as children they loved all things girly. They often pranced around the house wearing their mother's frocks, pearls and heels and loved visiting their grandmother and baking lots of delicious cupcakes and treats.
By the age of ten their mother knew they were going to succeed in business. Dolls were replaced with tills and weekends consisted of selling unwanted toys on a stall propped up in the front garden. Lydia and Georgia continued to be the best of friends throughout school life (with the occasional bust up). Georgia went on to work for the NHS and Lydia decided on taking a gap year; what place better to start than 'Essex in the sun' aka 'Marbella', and ended up living and working in Sunny Spain for four months. Lydia was soon to continue her travels and take on another adventure in Australia when a production company for a television show called 'The Only Way Is Essex' approached her. A famous saying from the girls' mother, drummed into their heads from an early age was 'grab every opportunity that comes your way'. Lydia jumped at the chance and flew straight home to Essex.

Under a year after Lydia started 'TOWIE' the show was already going global, (something none of the cast members ever predicted). Lydia was fast becoming an icon in the fashion industry as well as a household name. Whilst Lydia absolutely loved her new found fame, being a regular face in magazines, on television and attending glitzy red carpet soirées, her passion for business grew stronger.
The sisters sat down over a cup of tea one summer's day and reminisced about their childhood memories of dressing up in mums clothes and working on tills. They soon realised that the dream of owning their own business, could actually become reality.

The girls wanted their fashion empire to reflect that it belonged to them both. They pondered on 'Bright's,' 'Sisters' and many other options, before thinking to incorporate their Italian heritage. 'Sorella' means sister in Italian and 'Bella' means beautiful. Bella Sorella was born.
Seven years on, the sisters have won a Drapers award, opened endless pop up shops throughout the UK and now ship internationally to as far as Australia. The dream to make every women feel FABULOUS continues…..